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Yes, you want to give them the world this Christmas, but what if they already have it?

So maybe right now, you’re worn out from Christmas musicals, gift exchanges, and you’re coming down from that sugar cookie high. Maybe you’re not even yourself. One morning just doesn’t cover it all in your love for your kids. You’ve been showing them your love day after day, night after night, every second and every hour…

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Allow yourself to grieve. These were the words a friend sent me recently. She has traveled this life longer than me and shared a lot of wisdom my heart needed.  The last year has been full of losses for our family. Stepping down from full time ministry, losing our dog, …

Fresh Starts, Willing Hearts – Family Adventures on Florida’s Gulf Coast

One day, I’m driving down the open plains of NE Colorado and the next I’m swimming in the gulf coast beaches of Florida. Our family relocated from Colorado to Florida a few weeks ago. Talk about a landscape change. Life certainly is an adventure! We’re getting settled in our new …

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