Fresh Starts, Willing Hearts – Family Adventures on Florida’s Gulf Coast

the boys on Anna Maria Island

One day, I’m driving down the open plains of NE Colorado and the next I’m swimming in the gulf coast beaches of Florida. Our family relocated from Colorado to Florida a few weeks ago. Talk about a landscape change. Life certainly is an adventure!

We’re getting settled in our new area and it is definitely not small town living, but there are certainly other amenities like over-sized honey crisp apples at the grocery, turquoise water beaches, pools in almost every neighborhood, lots of people, restaurants, traffic, a tropical climate, and more.

We found a rural area to live in outside of the hustle and bustle.

Will said the other day, “Mom, we won’t have winters anymore.” I have to admit, I’m excited we can be outdoors more during the year.

As my friend Anna said, “You’re trading in snowsuits for swimsuits.”

New seasons are exciting, but they can also be intimidating. As a mom, I’m starting over in friendships and finding a place to deeply connect. That can certainly be nerve-wrecking but yesterday while driving to run errands, Jeremiah said, “We haven’t even reached the best part yet. This is just the beginning.”

He’s right. I just want everything to happen now.

It’s only been a few days in our new place. It takes time to get situated and find the pots and pans. It’s normal to miss old friends and think about the past. It’s typical to be exhausted and a little emotionally unstable. 🙂

I want to have a willing heart in this new adventure. A willingness to embrace the unfamiliar and anticipate what new things God will do in our family here.

Change is never easy, but I’d never mature and grow without it. Change is actually to my benefit even if it hurts a little. I’m jumping out of the boat of comfort and into the unexplored waters of faith and reliance upon my Savior.

In whatever season you’re in today, don’t forget that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel a little lost. Even if it hurts a little, God is doing a work in you – shaping and molding you. Changing you for the good.

We’re all trying to find our way. We’re all looking to connect more deeply with others and in the unique home God has given us. He knows the desires of our hearts. He knows your every need.

With Love,


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