When We Blow It

I go through times when I really blow it. Either I’m angry, selfish, frustrated, impatient, hateful, and just a real jerk. (Am I the only one here with this problem?) In marriage, I see these moments of “blowing it” come out the most because my husband sees every speck of dirt in my life- that others may not see. But he also sees the gems and the moments when I am obedient to God’s Spirit and there is harmony.

It is in these times of screwing up, that I sense God’s unfathomable grace more and more. Grace is something I am only touching the surface of. Why does he love a sinner like me? He came to die on the cross for my sins way before I was born and had the chance to steal candy from the drug store- when I was four years old. He died for the wretchedness that is in me and he now calls me to live for righteousness instead. What a divine rescuing!

The grace He has for all of us when we blow it, is truly a gift and is precious- it really is Amazing Grace. At any time God could pour his wrath out upon us, but he chooses instead to withhold it. He beckons us to come near to Him and choose LIFE…not death. It is always when we look at ourselves and what we can do on our own that we fail. It is when we surrender and give our life to Him that we find our life. These truths are hard to even describe.

Does anyone else resonate with this?

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