Getting Rid of Stuff

                                                                            We had our first yard sale this month. The purpose: to get rid of things we don’t use and raise money for the baby (baby Krieger fund). In order to gauge what we should include in the sale, we used this rule: If it’s not been used in the past six months, get rid of it. For me, that meant raiding my closet and toiletries. We also sold electronics, ironing boards, chairs, paintings, and all kinds of random house-hold items.

The yard sale was run by the nearby park and community center. Many people showed up for it and we lined our belongings along the sidewalk. We labeled everything with very reasonable prices and started the sale at 7:00 am. As soon as we started setting up, we were attacked by the early bird yard-salers.

What I learned? People will buy anything (a person’s trash is another’s treasure), I don’t miss my stuff and I feel a lot more relieved from the stuff, it’s worth spending 9 hours of my day getting rid of stuff and raising around $500.00. Yep, that’s what we raised. Anyone can find things they don’t need anymore- when they do they should sell it or give it away.

My husband and I were so encouraged this month. I am learning what it means to live simple, yet still live with quality things. I am learning I don’t need a whole lot and that “stuff” will never satisfy. Then of course after learning this, we met a young guy named Kevin who lived across the street from the yard sale. He gave us a tour of his four story town home, with a deck on the roof and a view of the city.

I would love to live in something like this. But that thought only lasted a few minutes. I was more excited about our amazing sale.

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