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Before this blog existed, I’ve been writing articles for print and online publications. At the top you’ll find the most recent faith, marriage, and family articles.


8 Non-Negotiables for Dads with Daughters – Nov. 2013

Learning to Release Your Children to the Lord – Sept. 2015

Strong God, Strong Mom – Dec. 2015

Loving the Man God Gave You – Sept. 2015

6 Surprising Ways to Survive the Younger Years – Aug. 2015

A Letter to My Son (The Kindergarten Graduate) – June 2015

Moody Publisher’s (Regular Contributor)

The Wedding Song (That Changes Everything) – April 2015

The Hands of Time in Your Marriage Together – May 2015

5 Words that Could Mean Life or Death to Your Marriage – Jan. 2014

I Love You, But How Do I Like You? – May 2013 – Also featured on and

A Letter to My Single Self – October 2012

Kitchen Wars – July 2012

Trust, Truth & Sexual Purity in Your Marriage – May 2012

Learning to Say “No”: How Routines Help Protect Your Marriage – April 2012

On Affirming & Building Up Your Man – March 2012

Enjoying the Gift of Sex in Your Marriage – Feb. 2012

The First Argument – Jan. 2012

Missional Marriage: 10 Practical Ways to Serve Other People – Dec. 2011

Helping Your Husband Lead Well – Nov. 2011

Letters To My Future Husband – Oct. 2011

Sexual Purity: Is the Fight Really Worth It? – Sept. 2011

Guest Blogger for Author & Speaker, Margaret Feinberg

Feeling the Crave

Guest Blogger for Author & Speaker, Renee Fisher

When God Interrupts Your Story (Regular Contributor)

Book Review: Fierce Women – Jan. 2013

The Next Step – Aug. 2012

Pondering Pet Peeves – March 2012

Going Home– July 2011

An Uptown Confession (also featured on Anne Jackson’s Permission to Speak Freely site)

Just Like Eve

Columnist for Dallas Theological Seminary’s Student Journal

Why Your Broken Prayers Are Enough – Spring 2012

When Life Has You Waiting – Spring 2011

Focus on the Family Magazine

Rise and Whine (Couples Issue- Jan. 2008)

Five FAQs About Leading a Small Group– Aug. 2010

Five Keys to Effectively Lead Your Small Group One on One- The Deeper Matters of Discipleship I Signed up for What?!

Focus on the Family Brio & Beyond Mag. (out of Print)

Creating a Block of Solitude, Driving Out Your Fears, Sun-in and Silly Comparisons

Radiant Mag. (out of print)

When the Clock Struck Two

Youth Learner Guide- LifeWay: Farmington Hills Teens Minister through Dodgeball Leading Student Ministry- LifeWay: Humility and Selflessness Safety and Security Pursuing Holiness Esssential Connection Mag.- LifeWay: Poured Out, What’s Given to Me, Status Updates: The Reality about Relationships Collegiate Magazine- LifeWay: Journaling: A Fundamental for the Journey How to Praise Him in the Storm Newspapers Falwell’s Legacy Midland Reporter Telegram Liberty Champion Devotionals Collegiate Magazine- LifeWay Light From the Word- Wesleyan Publishing House Education B.A. English, Liberty University (2004) M.A. Religion, Liberty Theological Seminary (2006) Graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature (2003) Other Training Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference- Oct. 2006 North Texas Christian Writer’s Conference- Sept. 2007

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