For the woman finishing a difficult week: 4 simple truths to provide relief.

This week was unusually trying. We were up several times with our adorable St. Bernard who is too cute to get mad at. My daughter came down with a cold and generously passed it on to me. My husband and I just couldn’t wake up feeling refreshed. It was struggle after struggle.

I also dealt with heavy anxiety about my kids going to brand new schools in a matter of weeks. I was also difficult to be around as a wife and mom from not feeling well.

So this morning, I prayed for relief. That God would carry these heavy burdens. Sometimes, I’m far too tempted to not hand them over to Jesus and instead try to manage. (And that never works out well). Maybe you’ve been there.

Chances are good, you’re carrying heavy weights too. Maybe you’re dealing with a rebellious child, exhausted days and nights, a difficult husband, a loved one’s sickness, an unresolved conflict, comparing yourself to another friend’s perfect life, you’re overworked, and more.

Life is just heavy at times. It’s messy, and God knows the brokenness we feel and the desire for it all to be put back together again. Here are 4 truths we can remember for today:

1.) God is with you in these fiery trials.

Scripture calls trials “fiery” for a reason. While they seem permanent, they’re only temporary. He has the power to carry you through them and bring you to the other side. Even when you can’t see the light ahead, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Trust him to walk you through it and cast all your burdens to him to deal with.

2.) Sharing your story with a friend brings healing.

It’s far too easy to isolate in our struggles. I’d much rather tell a friend how great I’m doing instead of being raw. Don’t be afraid to call or text and share with her what’s really going on. She’ll be honored to know how she can better pray for you. Allow her to carry some of the burden – that’s what friends are for. Allow her to speak truth into your situation and encourage you in Scripture. Stepping out of isolation will lead to your healing.

3.) Getting extra rest and sleep does wonders.

Often times, depression is a result of exhaustion. I’ve been there one too many times than I’d like to admit. Sometimes we’re unable to handle life because we’re overtired and have reached our absolute max.

Count how many hours of sleep you’re getting. Go to bed earlier or carve out time for a nap. Rest for you may mean unplugging and being in nature or stepping away from your house. It’s amazing the relief you can find physically, emotionally, and spiritually by prioritizing your rest and Sabbath. And don’t worry, even if you stop, the world will still keep going.

4.) Giving yourself grace is life-giving.

At the end of a tough week, it’s easy to beat yourself up: “I should have done this… I failed at this… I didn’t measure up… I’m not enough..” and the list goes on. More than anything right now, you need grace. Grace for yourself. Grace for others. Grace for your family life. You can’t do it all. You were never meant to. There’s only one person who can do that.

Rest in that grace this weekend even when you’re tempted to be “productive” again to prove something. You don’t have to earn anything. You are so loved. You are valuable. Your work is worthy. You aren’t defined by what you do.

I pray you’ll find the relief you desperately need that is found in Christ. This is my prayer, too, coming out of a crazy week. May he be your joy, satisfaction, rest, and more as you hand over your burdens and experience his healing touch on your life.



Samantha Krieger is a wife and mom to 4 kids, 12 and under. She’s the author of  Quiet Time: A 30-day Devotional Retreat for Moms in the Trenches. Her writing appears regularly on Her View From Home, TODAY Parenting, and For the Family. Connect with her on Instagramand Facebook.

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