Allow Yourself to Grieve

Allow yourself to grieve. These were the words a friend sent me recently. She has traveled this life longer than me and shared a lot of wisdom my heart needed. 

The last year has been full of losses for our family. Stepping down from full time ministry, losing our dog, losing friendships and relationships through a huge move, losing a community we loved, and more. My husband candidated with churches for a year and God did not open a door – even with the church we were so close to being led to and loved deeply.

Loss upon loss. It’s all been so heavy. 

We’ve shed our tears and are still working through the pain. We don’t know what God is doing and at times we feel lost. It has led us to question who we really are in Christ. It is teaching us not to become bitter but to instead grow and receive His love.

Yet, we know we are in fact, not lost at all. God knows what he’s doing when we don’t. Jesus has been and will continue to be with us through the hurt. He is already showing himself to us in our new home in amazing ways. But it can still be hard.

Grief is so weird. One day you’re fine and the next you struggle. But one thing I know for sure, as my friend reminded me, I need to allow myself to grieve. I know God isn’t done with our story yet.


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