4 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse Above Your Schedule … and Even Your Kids

A few years ago, a woman in my discipleship group at church pulled me aside after our time together and shared some wisdom I’ll never forget.

She had two teenagers and was on the brink of a divorce. Her family was falling apart and she blamed the dissolved relationship on her own choices. In our group time I told how my husband and I were getting away for the weekend to focus on our marriage, but I was nervous about leaving the kids behind. She encouraged me not to worry about it.

“Samantha, get away with him. Don’t put the kids’ schedules first,” she said. “I did that all our marriage with sports and all they had going on. I kept myself busy at the cost of my marriage. I wish we’d taken time for each other, but we didn’t. I eventually had an affair. I regret all of it.”

My eyes grew wide thinking about my kids still in diapers. Tears welled up in her eyes as she brushed her strawberry blonde hair away from her face.

I could sense the ache and pain in her heart. I prayed for her, that God would restore their family.

Years have passed since that evening…

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  • Thank you for this shared bit of wisdom. My husband and I have been married 10 years. We have 2 energetic children-one boy, one girl. I, too, put them before my husband at times. I’m not sure how yo get time away with him sometimes. I feel bad always asking my parents to watch them. But when we do decide to go on a date, we have a hard time agreeing on what to do. I want to get out of the house without kids for a change (I’m a stay-at-home mom), but he’d rather stay home. 🙂 Lord willing one of these days we’ll get to something. Thanks for the encouragement. I can’t see myself with anyone but Billy. I just can’t. Praise God for that! 🙂

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