Book Review & Giveaway: “Team Us” by Ashleigh Slater (Moody Publishers)

UnknownToday I’m so excited to review the new book Team Us by first-time author Ashleigh Slater. I was first introduced to Ashleigh several years ago when she gave me the chance to write for her webzine for women, I have always appreciated Ashleigh’s love for helping others grow in their walk with Christ. I’m thrilled that her first book is out and that it’s doing so well… as in… it’s selling so well that it’s out of stock on Amazon :)

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get through a whole book so fast. From the moment you open the first pages, you see Ashleigh’s gifted story-telling, passion, respect and love for her husband, whimsical humor, and the ability to intertwine real life issues with biblical truth.

Ashleigh writes in such a way that is refreshing and real, like you’re having coffee with a close friend. She doesn’t claim to have marriage all figured out either, which I love. She writes with authority on the subject because she’s lived it out for more than 10 years. Ashleigh and her husband Ted have learned how to practice grace towards one another in every day life and dealings and she lets you in on their experiences and life lessons. Learning how to extend grace to your spouse and adopting a team spirit is what the book is all about.

Halfway through Team Us, Ashleigh candidly reveals a time in their marriage that she calls the Weeping Years where she and Ted experienced some of the most difficult trials of their lives but how God’s grace remained steadfast and pulled them through. She vividly describes a situation where all hope seemed lost and then God made a way. Those chapters were my favorite and I found myself nodding my head and relating so much to them.

The beauty of this book is that you’ll remember the truths in it long after you’re finished. It’s no wonder that Team Us has been endorsed by Gary Thomas, Gary Chapman, Kirk Cameron and more. The team work approach was a huge takeaway for me so much that when my husband and I are working on something together or need to be reminded that we are in fact a team, I’ll say out loud to him, “Team Us!” in an encouraging tone. He smiles and we remember that we’re not against each other even in the midst of our struggles. And speaking of husbands, throughout each chapter Ashleigh includes funny and insightful blurbs written by Ted offering his perspective.

Whether you’re single, newlywed, or have been married for years, Team Us will help you learn how to have a more satisfying, light-hearted, and God-glorifying marriage.

I’m giving away one copy today. To enter to win, please comment with what your primary love language is (Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical touch, Receiving gifts, or Acts of Service). I’ll choose the winner randomly and announce on Monday.


Congratulations, Ashleigh!

About Ashleigh Slater: Ashleigh Slater is the author of the book, Team Us: Marriage Together (Moody Publishers). As the founder and editor of Ungrind Webzine and a regular contributor at several popular blogs and websites, she loves to combine the power of a good story with biblical truth and practical application. Ashleigh lives in Atlanta with her husband Ted and four daughters. To learn more, visit You can also find her on Facebook here or follow her on Twitter at @ashslater.


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  • Amy Merritt

    I am a tie between quality time and physical touch. I love them both! Thanks for the review Samantha!

    • samanthakrieger

      maybe that’s why our accountability goes 2 hrs. + :) I’m quality time too. You are very welcome!

      • Amy Merritt

        Exactly! Ha love our time! I am so refreshed after!

  • Marissa S

    Physical Touch, but like Amy said before me, it’s a tie with Quality Time. I have been wanting the chance to read this book! Even though my wedding is a year away. I am excited about this giveaway 😀 I’m new to your website/blog, thanks to @MoodyPublishers I stumbled upon it! Thanks for the review as well!

    • samanthakrieger

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding! How exciting. I’m so glad you stumbled over here, Marissa.

    • ashslater

      Marissa, I had to second Samantha’s congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  • danielle

    Excited to read your review, can’t wait to review on my blog too! I’m in the midst of reading it now!

    • ashslater

      Danielle, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it too.

    • samanthakrieger

      it was a pleasant surprise reading your story in it :)

  • Lauren Lyons

    I’m a touch of all of them I think… But my main ones are physical touch and acts of service. Love reading this review and I am excited to dive into the book!

  • Lindsay

    I’m reading this book right now & loving it too!

    The “Ted Says” tidbits were a great addition (and hilarious!), and I really liked the whole “Team Us” teamwork mentality too. In fact, I had been sharing with friends some of the things I learned in the book, and one of them used the “Team Us” line in a wedding ceremony he performed two weeks ago. :)

    So, for love languages, mine are a tie between quality time & physical touch.

    p.s. I’ve already bought the book, so no need to put me into the drawing. I just wanted to read your review & comment to say hello. I hope you’re having a great summer, Samantha!

    • ashslater

      Lindsay, I love that story about your friend and the wedding ceremony.

    • samanthakrieger

      I love that you come over here to say hi!

  • Ashley Crane

    Physical touch is #1 but acts of service is a close second!

  • Christine

    Physical Affection all the way!

  • Julie Erickson

    Physical affection and laughter…A nice hug comforts and heals and the laughter lightens the heart.

  • Soryda Ring

    words of affirmation

  • Nikki

    How do you choose!? In our busy world these days the words are the easiest way to let someone know but then action speak louder than words! So I’m going with acts of service and words of affirmation :)

    • samanthakrieger

      I decided to give away 2 copies and you are one of the winners!

  • Janine

    My husband and I both took the language of love test. I got words of affirmation, while he got physical affection. I definitely think that the results were spot on. Words of affirmation means more to me than just hearing my husband compliment me, it is communication, and in that communication we find connection and love!

    • samanthakrieger

      so fun you took the test!

      • Janine

        Yes! I definitely think every couple should take it, even if just for fun. You really learn a lot about your spouse and yourself! :)

  • Sarah

    Quality time!

  • Asheritah Ciuciu

    Definitely quality time, which is a challenge in these early years of motherhood, but so worth it!

    • samanthakrieger

      I decided to give away 2 copies. And you are one of the winners!

      • Asheritah Ciuciu

        Yay! I’m excited to read it. Thank you! Let me know what information to send you. Thanks again!

        • samanthakrieger

          Sure. Please go to the contact tab at the top of my blog and you can put your name and address in the form and we’ll send it out. Congrats!