Palin Power

 I have been pretty distant and uninterested in politics for the most part this year until Sarah Palin. I’ve always known that I probably would vote McCain because he best aligns with my beliefs and values, but because of his new running-mate I am more confident than ever.

Sarah Palin speaks with integrity and most of all leads with dignity. Last night, a few lines that spoke to me the most were that she wanted to serve the people (our country). I looked over at my husband and said “She said serve?” I was shocked. When was the last time we’ve heard the word “serve?” It’s a rarity. Many critics in the news today have called her “negative” or “harsh” towards Obama. But the truth is that she is being real about the critical differences between her Opponents. She’s speaking truth we need to hear.

I appreciated her truthfulness about the war in Iraq and the need to protect our homeland from terrorism. Drawing from a story about McCain in Vietnam was touching for the fact that he has lived a life of service to our country. I know I would feel safer in the arms of a President who has lived it rather than someone who merely speaks of it and claims “hope” and “change” without defining really what change means.

I’m not at all for bashing anyone, but I am all about exposing truth and really digging in the dirt to understand what kind of leader it will really take to lead America in the next four years. Set aside being a Repub or Dem… who is best qualified to me? Who will lead without hypocrisy? Who has the values and beliefs I can follow? And who truly cares for people?

It’s pretty evident to me that McCain and Palin are the ticket to do that. Overall, I was so impressed with my first introduction to Palin. I really could sense a genuine concern and she is someone worth following. Who doesn’t love an elegant woman who isn’t perfect, is likable, and is down-right real?

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