What a Pillow!

On my lunch break today, my co-workers, Cheli and Dustin and I were talking about sleep patterns and how good it is to be on the same sleep schedule as your husband/wife. Then Cheli starts to inquire about what it’s like for me sleeping being prego. I told her that generally they don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach or back, but rather on your side. I explained how I strattle several pillows to make sleeping with a baby in my belly more comfortable at night (those of you who’ve been prego understand).

Then… they brought up these special kind of pillows that people buy. I couldn’t believe the idea of them. I had never heard of them. So, when I actually saw what they looked like, I just couldn’t stop laughing. I was sitting in my chair laughing (out loud. At work).

Am I the only one who has never seen these? Do any of you out there own these? Husbands? Wives? Singles? (Just between you and me… would you get one for yourself?)

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