The Man Behind The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass, a fantasy film starring Nicole Kidman that is scheduled to be released into theaters on December 7, 2007, has been a great concern among Christians. The author, Philip Pullman, is an outspoken atheist claiming in a 2003 interview that “My books are about killing God.” (Conservative British columnist Peter Hitchens labeled Pullman “The most dangerous author in Britain,” describing him as the writer “the atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed.”

Other critics, however, have described Pullman’s works as anti-religion, rather than anti-Christian or anti-Catholic. One of his novel’s pagan characters says, “every church is the same: control, destroy, obliterate every good feeling.”

Whatever the case may be for Pullman, anti-God or anti-religion, perhaps his novels are a reflection of the animosity he feels towards both. Religion, in many ways, can lead one down the path of atheism- Religion in the sense that there is no real relationship with a loving God- only a list of do’s and don’ts, condemnation, control, hate, and evil. Religion masks all the treasures and joys that are found in knowing the Creator personally. Religion chains a person’s soul. When all the while, the God of the Bible says to shut religion up and follow Him. God Himself, is fed up with “religion.”

If Pullman realized that God is all loving and all powerful, his stance perhaps would be different. If he realized that God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to pay the debt he owed, perhaps his views would change. If Pullman could take hold of this Divine Love and realize there is no bondage, no religion, his world would radically change and He would believe.

This Divine love has changed my world.

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